Well States Healthcare

The first thing we helped heal was a system 
that made the victim wait for a settlement
before treatment could begin.

Healthcare providers can’t wait for a wrongful-accident settlement to get paid. That’s just not how their business model is set up. So we’ve come up with a rather novel approach. We pre-negotiate terms with healthcare providers. Then we work with attorneys to settle the outstanding account receivables.

We take care of the bills so the healthcare provider can take care of the person injured in the accident. And the attorneys are free to pursue the case for the best settlement.

In the end, when the victim is compensated fairly, so are we. It’s a proven formula that’s best for everyone involved. Except perhaps the people who caused the accident in the first place.

Well States Healthcare.
Life uninterrupted.


Nate Ormond, President & COO
Ann Ormond, Special Accounts Manager
Heather Casey, Administrative Manager

Well States Healthcare

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