Well States Healthcare

Healthcare providers are paid faster.

Attorneys reach settlements faster.

Patients get their lives back faster.

That's life uninterrupted.


You deal with wrongful-injury cases every day. The unthinkable happens: your client gets hurt and needs help. Fast.

But he may not have health insurance. And healthcare providers might be a little hesitant to get involved in a case where they might not get paid for months, if ever.

That’s where Well States comes in. We have a proven track record for helping attorneys build successful cases. We’re self-funded, so long before your client was hurt, we negotiated with healthcare providers to make sure they wouldn’t have to wait for a settlement before they got paid.

When healthcare providers know that we’ve taken care of the money, they can concentrate on taking care of your client. And you can concentrate on winning a settlement. A settlement that can happen even faster because your case was well managed, with minimal administration delays and no gaps in care.

What once might have been an adversarial relationship is now mutually beneficial.

Healthcare providers get paid. You have more time to handle more cases.

And your client gets back to life that much quicker.

The sooner healthcare providers get paid,
the sooner attorneys reach settlements,
the sooner patients get their lives back.

it all starts as soon you talk to us.

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