Well States Healthcare

Healthcare providers are paid faster.

Attorneys reach settlements faster.

Patients get their lives back faster.

That’s life uninterrupted.

Healthcare Providers

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, including yours. So if the choice is between being strung along, waiting to get paid, or not taking wrongful-accident patients, you really have no choice at all. You’ve got to keep the doors open.

We not only understand the dilemma, we’ve solved it.

First, we pre-negotiate a fee structure with you. Always at a rate higher than major medical or government programs. Then, as a self-funded entity, we don’t have to wait for a case to settle. You can charge us the same day you see the patient. And we’ll pay you in as little as three days.

It’s the best way we know to make sure your patients get uninterrupted treatment— even lien patients you might have been hesitant to treat in the past.

It’s a system that lets you grow your practice without worrying about bad debt, collection agencies or cash flow. So you can focus on taking care of your patients, while we take care of the rest.

That’s what we mean by life uninterrupted.

The sooner healthcare providers get paid,
the sooner attorneys reach settlements,
the sooner patients get their lives back.

it all starts as soon you talk to us.

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