Well States Healthcare

Now, accessing medical treatment is pain free for accident-injury victims.

Attorneys and patients will feel better knowing that we’ll help with the paperwork, coordinating medical care, and costs—including surgery.

If your client is hurt and expecting a settlement from a wrongful-injury case, they no longer need to suffer while waiting to receive medical care.

Enter Well States Healthcare. We can help by holding a global lien for all care while delivering a provider-direct solution for any necessary surgeries, which make up the vast majority of medical bills. Since Well States holds the lien directly, without your needing to expend money for surgical consultations, it frees up your cash flow.


Well States is a flexible resource you can engage on behalf of wrongful-injury clients at any point along the care continuum—even if you just need a provider-direct lien for surgery. You can count on us to deliver the treatment they need, while you get them the settlement they deserve.

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