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6 ways
Well States
helps attorneys
and paralegals:

Well States Healthcare is your best resource for coordinating the most effective, efficient and timely medical treatment for your wrongful injury clients.


Because we assist your paralegals and staff—coordinating appointments and medical referrals, preparing files by gathering and organizing medical records and invoices on our online portal, and summarizing treatment bills—it frees them up to work on other cases, saving you time and money. And increasing your capacity to take on additional clients.

By coordinating your clients’ care, we minimize or eliminate gaps in treatment and coverage. We’re self-funded and have negotiated with healthcare providers to ensure that they won’t have to wait for a settlement to get paid.

When cases are well managed, clients recover quicker. Cases are completed faster. And settlements are higher. It’s a win for all parties.

6 ways Well States helps attorneys and paralegals:

  • Streamlined case management.
  • Lighter workload with a full-service administrative support team.
  • Appointment coordination and medical referrals.
  • Surgical procedure funding for patients.
  • File preparation and summarized treatment bills.
  • No markup on doctor bills. Ever.

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patient’s medical

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