You deliver the care, stat. We deliver the payment just as quick.

7 ways
Well States
helps providers

Treating personal-injury victims often means waiting to get paid.


Now you can get paid quickly and better manage your cash flow thanks to Well States
Healthcare. Here’s how:

  1. We pre-negotiate a fee structure with you—always at a rate higher than major medical or government programs.
  2. As a self-funded entity, we don’t have to wait for a case to settle. You can charge us the same day you see the patient. And we’ll pay you in as little as three days.
  3. Once a settlement is reached, we receive a fair compensation from the patient’s attorney.

It’s a system that lets you grow your practice without worrying about bad debt, collection
agencies or cash flow. When you don’t have to worry about keeping the doors open, patients get uninterrupted treatment.

It’s outstanding care that delivers healthy profits. And wellness for all.

7 ways Well States helps providers

  • Quick and hassle-free payment of medical bills (30 days or less).
  • Patient referrals.
  • Mitigating monetary risk so you can focus on patient care.
  • Creating exposure by marketing your services to personal injury attorneys.
  • Providing a dedicated PRM to communicate any issues or concerns.
  • Patient reminders and travel to appointments.
  • Communicating with attorneys and assisting in reductions.

We’re growing
our network.
And our reputation
for wellness.

Practice wellness: Invite new patients. Increase cash flow.

Provider Testimonials

“Well States is very easy to work with. The staff is professional and communicates well—plus, we get paid on time. I recommend their services without reservation!”

Neill Brewington, Landsberg Orthopaedics (Tennessee)

“My personal experience working with Well States has been nothing short of exceptional. Their communication is top-notch. They follow up to ensure that patients have appointments scheduled, provide transportation, and make sure we have all the documentation necessary for that first consultation—all of which makes my job easier.”

Lauren Hernandez, Modern Spine (Texas)

“Well States has provided the best customer service to our practice. They have a seamless referral process, offer fair rates, and have the quickest turnaround time for paying patient claims. I would highly recommend working with them.”

Whitney Anderson, CEO, Integrity Center for Regenerative Medicine (Tennessee)

Get our A/R audit—ASAP!


Well States Healthcare can provide an audit of your practice’s accounts receivable and provide an improvement plan.

You schedule the meeting.
We’ll buy the coffee.


Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how Well States Healthcare can help attorneys reach settlements faster, healthcare providers get paid faster, and patients get their lives back faster.

Meet short-term
cash-flow requirements
without compromising
long-term financial goals.

Instant Cash Flow—The strength and scope to deliver expedited and efficient funding for multiple specialties.

Free Data Analysis—In-depth analysis of your lien A/R, detailing the future financial strength of your personal-injury practice.

Underwriting Support—Sophisticated and time-proven underwriting assessment to determine the validity of legal claims.

Flexible Servicing—Retain your own direct relationships with attorneys.

Financial Well-Being—Keep up to 90% of your collections.

Well States partner MedFinance delivers fast, efficient funding solutions for medical-lien receivables—and highly responsive, personal service from a dedicated manager to make the process painless.


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