November 10, 2021


CASTLE ROCK, Colo., and MARIETTA, Ga., November 10, 2021 – Well States Healthcare (WSHC), a market leader in providing fast, global medical liens for victims of automobile accidents and traumatic personal injury, today announced a joint venture with Cypress Partners, an MRI-imaging global lien provider in the state of Georgia. The partnership will allow Cypress Partners to offer its attorneys greater access to a full suite of medical services for their clients, through WSHC’s network of over 230 medical providers including specialists, surgeons, physical therapists and more. Cypress Partners will become the MRI provider of choice for WSHC clients in Georgia.

“At Well States, our goal has always been to ensure each patient has the care and consideration they deserve, without the burden of financial responsibility, while they navigate an accident or injury claim,” said Nate Ormond, president of WSHC. “With this partnership, Cypress Partners will not only become our preferred MRI imaging service across Georgia, it will allow us to continue our commitment to providing access to premium medical services for attorneys helping their clients when and where they are most needed.”

WSHC connects patients to its robust network of specialists across a variety of fields including neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, diagnostic imaging, chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management and primary care. Using its own proprietary, HIPAA-compliant and cloud-based customer portal, WSHC offers attorneys unparalleled transparency and insight into a patient’s medical treatment as they manage the legal claims process, while also making it easier to request immediate decisions on courtesy reduction requests.

“For nearly a decade we have successfully served attorneys and their patients across Georgia with critical MRI imaging following an accident or injury,” said Shannon Smallwood, manager at Cypress Partners. “We are ready to expand those services to include medical care, surgery, physical therapy and more. Well States is a proven leader in providing financing and access to a full suite of medical services for patients and in helping streamline the process for the attorneys who represent them, making them the ideal partner for us.”

The partnership between the two companies goes into effect immediately. Cypress Partners attorneys and clients can now access WSHC’s full breadth of medical services and take advantage of the company’s robust operating system and case management support. WSHC attorneys and clients can now access Cypress Partners exceptional imaging specialists across Georgia.

Well States Healthcare (WSHC) is the market leader in securing quick and easy medical financing for the victims of traumatic accidents and their attorneys. Headquartered in Colorado, WSHC assists attorneys throughout the cumbersome legal process involved with insurance negotiations, helping to provide the medical treatment and resources necessary to accelerate legal claims. In addition, WSHC ensures healthcare providers are paid on time and can focus their efforts on the individual needs of their patients. For more information visit