November 10, 2020



Happy early holidays from Wells States! While the Holiday season may not properly start until after Thanksgiving day in the United States, your experiences may vary. The period of time between Halloween and New Years day marks a decline in temperatures, an increase in the frequency of long distance travel, and an increase in stresses in general. All of this builds into an atmosphere where injury is more likely to occur and personal injury litigation will be more challenging and stressful than ever. And Well States is here to help for this season, now more than ever; because, while the holidays may be more stressful than normal, they shouldn’t have to be more stressful than they already are.

Of all the dangers present during the holidays, the risk of personal injury is something to be aware of. Injury can occur in many different ways and there are quite a few contributing factors that get worse during the fall and winter. Colder temperatures bring ice and sleet that can make travel by foot or car more dangerous. Holidays bring drinking and revelry, potentially causing more drunk driving accidents and unsafe conditions at various party venues. And holidays also bring travel—travel to family, travel to stores and shopping districts, travel to seasonal events and locations. These circumstances culminate in what is almost a perfect storm of things that could go wrong for the average American citizen. Roads can ice, drivers may navigate the roads in a drunken state, pedestrians can slip on a crosswalk or anywhere else that isn’t quite prepared for early snowfall.

Any sort of injury over the holidays could turn an already stressful arrangement into a panic. That stress and panic can compound if you find yourself in the midst of personal injury litigation, potentially also far away from home and without the resources you are normally accustomed to. Even if you are insured, you may be outside of your range of coverage if you are away from home. Many insurers, particularly Medicaid or Medicare, only cover out of state medical treatment in cases of emergencies; and even then, they are likely to try and avoid covering these costs if they can find a loophole. For instance, many plans will only pay to cover treatment that will stabilize an emergency injury, but not treat it fully, or set hard and fast rules regarding the geographical range of your coverage. This is most common with state sponsored or subsidized medical insurance (typically Medicaid), but not unheard of with other private insurers.

Well States isn’t insurance, and it doesn’t stop working when you leave your state of residence. If you are injured and need medical treatment while you wade through a personal injury lawsuit, Well States can get you the treatment you need through one of our partner healthcare providers in our nation-wide network. Even if you are visiting family for the holidays, we’re still working for you to provide the financing you need and the case management you need to make sure you win your case. Our number one goal is to help you feel comfortable in the midst of a crisis and relieve the stresses that you face from legal complications. That job is more important than ever during the holiday season, when you are already likely very stressed and potentially injured due to stress. The last thing you want to experience is a panic attack; not during a time of year that is supposed to be happy and not around family members that you don’t want to drag into your problems.

If you are concerned about getting treatment outside of your insurance plan, Well States may be the better option. Your insurer, if you have one, might only cover partial treatment that could leave you in pain or distress when you’re injured out of state or in a non-emergency accident. You don’t want to find yourself “stabilized” but out of commission and in need of further treatment you can’t afford. Well States provider network offers treatment to cover the full range of repairs your body needs to be well again and provide accurate information for your personal injury case.

Well States isn’t taking the holidays off, because personal injuries won’t stop happening just because the seasons change. Our work doesn’t stop when you leave for the holidays, our coverage goes wherever you go; whether that be visiting your family for the holidays or getting away for some personal vacation time. Our one of a kind coverage is working for you 24/7 no matter where you go. To find out how you can make Well States work for you, call 855.FOR.WSHC (367-9742) or visit our website at