November 13, 2020



The 2020 US presidential election is going to be a highly divisive and controversial period of time. The election may not yield clear results for months, but what remains clear is the importance of the election and the inevitable changes that will come with it. With the US presidential elections, it doesn’t matter who you vote for; if you are covered under Medicaid or rely on government subsidized programs for your resources, your coverage is likely to change regardless of the state in which you reside. Public healthcare change is in the pipeline for both parties, and that means instability for those that are benefiting from the current public healthcare system. And while these programs change and their beneficiaries are ejected or left to figure out new and confusing guidelines or entirely different programs, Well States will remain the same.

Well States isn’t insurance, it’s an innovative and unique emergency management solution. Regardless of whether or not you pay for any form of health insurance, that insurance isn’t guaranteed to meet their needs in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit. Many individuals don’t have any insurance at all, making them particularly vulnerable in the process of personal injury settlements. Well States’ business model is designed specifically to help when insurance doesn’t and to benefit those most susceptible to accidental injury—the uninsured. We finance up front, we help document and organize information regarding your injury, we assist your legal team in your personal injury case. And that isn’t changing.

If public healthcare options are gutted, Well States isn’t going anywhere. If public healthcare options become more complicated, Well States will still be the same easy to use and helpful service it always has been. If laws regarding health insurance practices and benefits change, Well States won’t. Though the political landscape is entering a period of change that will shape, possibly, the next 40 years of public policy in the United States—Well States isn’t changing. We aren’t getting more exclusive, we aren’t getting more complicated, and we aren’t going to stop looking after the interests of the little guys.

When you get hurt and you need medical treatment before or during your personal injury claim, contact Well States. No one else does what we do, and our unique and innovative system won’t be changing just because the political landscape is. Call us at 855.FOR.WSHC (367-9742) or visit our website at to see how we can help.