November 20, 2020



When an individual is injured and another party is at fault, that injured individual is entitled to compensation for their injuries from the party at fault. That is the basis for personal injury law. And when it comes to seeking compensation from at fault individuals, attorneys are hired, court proceedings may follow, and justice may or not be done. In the interest of meeting the basic needs of the claimant or injured party in these cases, attorneys often advise their clients to reach a settlement without going to trial. Reaching a settlement without going to trial is often the best way for an injured claimant to obtain the compensation that they need to survive. At Well States, we have built our business around making the process of reaching a suitable settlement easier and more valuable for both the claimant and their attorney.

The cost of legal counsel is often the main reason that reaching a pre-trial settlement is ideal. Attorneys are expensive, and the more time an attorney spends on the clock the greater value both the claimant and the attorney stand to lose. In cases of personal injury cases against large entities, such as corporations, taking a personal injury claim to trial means going up against overwhelming resources; this generally leads to the claimant losing the case or being forced into a battle of financial endurance they are bound to lose. In each case, the success of the claimant means the success of the attorney. When the claimant agrees to a settlement, their attorney also wins, as generally the attorney is paid out of the settlement.

Well States helps in this process by providing aid for the attorney and the claimant. Well States assists with medical financing for claimants without insurance, providing great care at a great rate. We expedite the steps that hold up the settlement process, saving potentially months of time and giving attorneys the opportunity to spend their time on other cases. This saved time also benefits the claimant, as they have less to pay in legal fees and can retain more of the settlement for other purposes.

It’s one thing to reach a settlement, and another entirely to reach it quickly and keep that settlement profitable to the parties involved in the dispute. Well States not only increases the odds of reaching a settlement by assisting the attorneys and managing documents and case information, but we specialize in reducing the time that it takes.

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