January 6, 2020



CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – Well States Healthcare (WSHC), a market leader in providing fast, global medical liens for victims of automobile accidents and traumatic personal injury, today announced it is merging it’s Great Basin Surgical Center in Reno, Nevada into the larger Well States organization as part of a larger growth strategy across the region. Great Basin Surgical was founded by Orthopedic Financial Services Group (OFSG) in 2016, as a wholly-owned subsidiary alongside WSHC. Over the past three years WSHC has continued to expand across Nevada, today working in partnership with more than 50 providers around the state. Merging with WSHC will provide Great Basin patients immediate access to this network.

“Well States is focused on providing attorneys, and their patients, access to quality medical care as they navigate legal proceedings. We’ve done this by building a comprehensive resource of presurgical and surgical facilities, and today operating one of the largest networks across the state of Nevada,” said Nate Ormond, president of WSHC. “The merger of Great Basin Surgical Center allows us to more effectively streamline services for the thousands of patients who use our network, and better serve the people of Nevada with coordinated, global medical care.”

Through its robust network, WSHC connects patients to specialists across a variety of fields including neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, MRI and diagnostic imaging, chiropractic care, physical therapy, pain management and primary care. The company’s proprietary Atlas Customer Portal offers attorneys transparency and insight into a patient’s medical treatment as they manage the legal claims process, while its RediGo feature makes it easy to request immediate decisions on courtesy reduction requests. With the merger of Great Basin Surgical, now all patients across the state of Nevada will have access to the benefits of the portal and RediGo feature.

The Great Basin Surgical brand will end effective January 6, 2020. Great Basin patients will be automatically transferred to the Atlas Portal effective immediately.

Well States Healthcare (WSHC) is the market leader in securing quick and easy medical financing for the victims of traumatic accidents and their attorneys. Headquartered in Colorado, WSHC assists attorneys throughout the cumbersome legal process involved with insurance negotiations, helping to provide the medical treatment and resources necessary to accelerate legal claims. In addition, WSHC ensures healthcare providers are paid on time and can focus their efforts on the individual needs of their patients. For more information visit wshcgroup.com. 333 Perry Street, Suite 302 Castle Rock, Colorado 80104 855.FOR.WSHC | wshcgroup.com